Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Renewing/ Applying Passport in Putrajaya

Our little family is going on a vacay this February to the land of the rising sun.
*throws confetti
*bunny hopping

Boy oh boy, you don't know how excited I am *cue tears of joy.
It's my first oversea trip since motherhood! The last time I went overseas was before I got pregnant. That's like, more than 2 years ago!?

So, what's the one thing you need before flying aboard?

✔ Passport

Mine was already expired and Charlotte needs to apply one. So since I was on mandatory leave, on the 29th of Dec 2016, I took Charlotte to the Immigration Office in Putrajaya to renew/ apply a new passport.

Here are the list of things you need.

Documents needed to renew passport for adults

  1. ♥ RM200 cash (valid for 5 years)
  2. ♥ Expiring/ expired passport
  3. ♥ MyKad

I'm not sure about other immigration offices but if you’re renewing your passport in Putrajaya, there’s no need to bring your photo anymore as they are now equipped with sophisticated Canon digital camera facility. Kindly wear a dark-coloured top as your photo will be shown as black and white in the passport. If you wear a light-coloured top, you will be requested to wear a blazer that they prepared for you to take the photo.

I wore a dark-coloured Superman shirt that day 😁

Documents needed to apply passport for your kid below 12

  1. ♥ RM100 cash (valid for 5 years)
  2. ♥ Birth certificate
  3. ♥ MyKid (just in case)
  4. ♥ 1 hard-copy passport photo with white background. Forehead and ears must be visible in the photo.

If you forget to get your child(ren)'s photo taken, you can go to the building just across the road from Menara Ikhlas. Take the elevator and go up to the 2nd floor. There is a little shop with photo-taking service. It cost RM15 for 4 photos.

Charlotte's first passport photo ❤

**Note (Passport price)-
60 years old & above: RM100
12 years old & below: RM100
Students studying abroad: RM100

The Immigration Office in Putrajaya is in Menara Ikhlas.

If you're driving there, you can search for the location using Waze. Just simply key in Menara Ikhlas, Putrajaya. There's plenty of free parking around there so don't worry about not being able to find a parking spot.

Once you enter the building, you will see Gloria Jean's coffee and myeg at the lobby. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

There're 2 immigration offices on that floor. Make sure you go to Bahagian Pasport.

I was told by a couple of friends that the new system has improved and the service is more effective. They basically waited less 2 hours to get everything done including collection of passpport. So I went there hopeful as I had a movie marathon plan later that day.

Unfortunately, we had no such luck.

The office opens at 7.30am. When we reached there at 8.15am, it was already very crowded. Maybe it's end of the year and everyone's on leave, too?

I still had my hopes high cause I have Charlotte with me. Since she's under 12, we would be attended by Kaunter Khas (special counters for children and senior citizens).

We waited almost an hour before our numbers were called. Maybe they had 2 counters opened instead of 3 (counter 8, 9 and 10)?

While waiting, I had a very unsettled toddler struggling to get off me all. the. time.

After our number was called, the process was pretty fast. Thumbprint, verify, verify, take photo, verify, sign, thumbprint, done lol if I'm not mistaken. But then comes another waiting time - to wait for our (same) numbers being called to make payment at counter 23 or 24. Sigh 😒

I think we waited another half an hour. Luckily, since Charlotte is under 2 years old, she doesn't need to be present during the collection. So after I made the payment, I quickly sent her to her nursery in Cyberjaya and we made it just in time for her lunch.

I then had my first meal somewhere nearby while waiting for the hour to pass.

I went back 10 minutes past an hour and hallelujah, our passport were ready to be collected. But there were no officer at the window so I had to wait 😑 Counter for collection is at counter 19, 20 or 21.

How my passport photos evolved throughout the years lol (top to bottom : the latest to the oldest)

The place is actually equipped with a play area for kids.

And a nursing room for breastfeeding moms. Have to give credit for these facilities.

By the time I collected our passport, it was already 12pm. I expected to get everything done by 11am but oh well. I still got to catch 2 movies with my husband who met up with me at the mall later.

Hope this info is useful if you're planning to renew your passport at Putrajaya.