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11 facts about me

Hello! If you're reading this, let me take a moment to say thankQ for stopping by and


The reason I started this blog is because I wanna pen down crazy fun things I do as a new mom. I know there are other ways like writing a diary or putting them on social media. But let's just say that, I find it easier typing than print cut and paste pictures onto a book lol. And blogging allows me to edit numerous times whereas keeping a diary might result in damaging the environment cause I might get fed up with the photo arrangements in my diary and then tear the page and waste more paper and glue and ink and the list goes on (read: excuse for being lazy).

Anyway! For  you to know me a lil better, here are 11 facts about me :)

1. Dolphin is not my last name.
Obviously lol! Why name myself dolphin? Well, simply because I love swimming and I love dolphin. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins in the big blue sea. Dolphins are also known to be smart mammals, too. So, erm I would like to (buay paiseh-ly) associate myself as one of a kind *ahem*.

2. I'm not a new blogger. 
I actually started blogging in 2004, as introduced by my best friend, Sereen. I blogged for 9 years and stopped for some personal reason in 2013.

But it's ok! Imma start anew!

3. My dream was to be a performer.
I love to perform. Be it singing, acting or dancing. I started  practicing my signature when I was still in primary school, thinking I might one day be someone famous and have people coming up to me asking me for autograph. I'm not kidding. Don't laugh.

4. I've been tutoring for 10 years.
Yes. 10 whole freaking years! Teaching is my forte, though it's something I never thought I would be doing in the long run. I've always thought of doing something else throughout the 10 years but always feel too comfortable to leave the education line. Now I've make peace with it and have found joy and great accomplishment in teaching.

5. I'm a fierce breastfeeding mom and a baby-wearer.
Of course I get questioned many times. Later your baby won't want anybody but you. Later she'll be so sticky to you it'll be hard for you to have your own time to do your own thing. Bla bla bla yada yada yada. Do your homework before you come questioning me about my parenting method. Or else don't freak out if I give you one big slap.

6. I love languages.
I was raised speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, English and BM. I think that gives me the advantage of understanding a new language easily. I personally went on to study Korean and Japanese. The next language I would love to learn is sign language. 

7. I'm an ultimate egg lover!
I MUST have satu biji telur in my nasi lemak. I love anything that says egg! Egg tart, steamed egg, egg tofu, salted egg, fried egg, baked egg... I can survive on eggs alone. 

8. I enjoy motherhood 
Even if it means that you can't go for peaceful one minute toilet break or have to swallow most of your food without chewing, resulting in constipation wtf. But it's been fun! To see how your own baby grow and hit those little milestones. To see how a helpless little baby who can't turn over can now climb moutains and cross rivers just to climb to you. It's a glorious feeling!

9. I love to eat.
As much as I don't like to admit being overweight, I can't help not love eating! Being able to enjoy food is one of the blessings in life. So screw whatever diet plan there is. Oh wait! I do have a diet plan. That's to make more cupcakes for people around me wakakakaka.

10. I love to travel.
I mean seriously, if health, wealth and time is not an issue, who doesn't?

11. I love to celebrate birthdays!
I don't know about you but I feel extra special on my birthday. I love to receive gifts *ahem ahem*, I like to eat cakes, I like to get together with my favourite people and feel loved hahaha. We can practice that on any other given days, but on your own birthday, it's just different. So I'll also try my very best to make others feel more special on their birthdays. It's a happy feeling to celebrate birthdays :)

So there you go! Hope you enjoy reading and get to know me better.
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  1. Hey, it was really nice reading such interesting and fun facts about you. It made us like you more. Thank you so much for sharing these. Please share more posts.