Friday, January 22, 2016

Breast Milk Lotion

I'm a normal yield mom. I let Charlotte direct latch all the time and currently only pump once every morning. I yield an average of 4oz after pumping for half an hour every day. Sometimes lesser sometimes more.

People often question why do I still pump since I'm not giving her the bottle. Well, I plan to at least breastfeed Charlotte for one year. And since milk is her main food intake, I wanna make sure that she has sufficient milk just in case of any emergency.

Like last month, I was diagnosed with dengue. I thought the expressed breast milk will finally serve it's purpose. But I pushed myself to continue breastfeeding until I got well.

Anyway, those expressed milk eventually filled up all the space in my freezer. So I donated.

Here are 17 packets of expressed milk dated August to November. About 8oz each. I donated them to a confinement center that supports breastfeeding. This is the second time I donate them.

I kept at least 20 packets with me. But I know soon I might give away again.

Then one day I came across this Breast milk lotion recipe. Well, basically it's to turn your breast milk into lotion la.

New research has proven that breast milk, made into a lotion, is the latest alternative form of treatment for eczema, psoriasis, sunburns and itchy dry skin. Although the idea of rubbing breast milk on your skin may seem a bit unconventional and eerie  (according to the husband), it is proven to be a safe and sometime superior treatment to other medicinal options. The antibodies found in breast milk will help aid the infection.

To make breast milk lotion, the ingredients you need are:

- 3 ounces of breastmilk
- 3 ounces oil (grapeseed oil for sensitive skin)
- 1 tablespoon of beeswax
- a few drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)

I used 6 oz of frozen breastmilk so just double everything else will do.

Below are the steps:

1. Heat grapeseed oil in low heat temperature to melt the beeswax.
2. After the beeswax is melted, slowly pour in the room temperature breastmilk and Vitamin E oil and whisk rapidly until thickens.
3. Pour into shallow jars or lotion tubs. It will continue to thicken as it cools. Refrigerate and use for up to 3 months.

Done! Easy isn't it?

Here's mine!

Sorry no picture of the process cause erm I was busy whisking and doubting the recipe, thinking if it really works cause milk and oil are immiscible liquids lol. It took some time and eventually mixed well and thicken so don't worry k!


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