Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Giving Plate

Pinterest is my new best friend!

Ever since I've befriended with Pinterest, I've found numerous ideas to occupy Charlotte, made DIY toys, and collected creative ideas to make gifts for various occasions.

I'm meeting my best friend, Peggy, at her new home today. Since we're bffs and have known each others for 19 years, I seriously thought of going empty handed lol. But then I came across this DIY gift on Pinterest and it's called The Giving Plate, and I immediately like the idea of it.

Here is how it looks like.

It's personal and still practically useful!

So I decided to make one.

The things you need to make The Giving Plate are

❤ a plate
❤ porcelain painters (I used black and pink)
❤ an oven

I got the plate from Robinson and the porcelain painters from Art Friend at The Garden's Mall. The plate cost RM32 and the painters cost RM15 each.

Next, copy those words onto the plate! But my writings were too big so I cut short a few lines.

After you're done, pop it into the oven.

The instruction given was on the painter.

160 °C for 30 minutes.

While waiting for the ink to be permanently sealed on the plate, quickly attend to a crying baby. If you don't have a crying baby waiting for you, go on and do whatever pleases you lol.

After 30 minutes...


If only my writing can be a bit more creative and nicer but NOT BAD HO!!!

Hope this gives you an idea of what to give if you have a house warming invitation next time.

Now that I have 2 porcelain painters, draw on ALL the plates in the house!

Oh wait, baby's crying again...


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