Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Charlotte's 1st Birthday Party

As many other proud parents out there, I wanted to do something for Charlotte when she turns ONE. I was contemplating between having a photo shoot or throwing a party. I've made a lot of calls and sent a lot of emails and text messages on Facebook. I've never done so many surveys to make a decision cause I'm usually the happy-go-lucky type. As much as I wanted to have a photo shoot, I also wanted to have a celebration to thank the people around us who helped us along the way.

In the end, I bought a second hand 50mm nikkor lens from Carousell and threw a party.

 We decided to have our celebration at Wichday Cafe . I've been there once about 2 years ago when my niece celebrated her first birthday. It was a simple one without dessert bar and decorations. And it was cheap. It was RM35 per pax back then.

So I called the owner, Yean. Unsurprisingly, it's not that rate anymore lol. We chatted through WhatsApp and she would show me pictures of her art work she had done for the parties held there before. I was quite impressed, actually.

So I gave her the theme I want - pastel colours and flowers. She tried asking me if Charlotte likes any cartoon characters but the fact is I don't really let her watch the television #asianmom. But I know what I like lolol so pastel colours and florals it is!

So after paying the deposit, basically there's nothing else I need to do. I wanted to prepare some wish cards for guest to write for Charlotte. I had the template and the cards ready but my printer was out! I told Yean about it and she offered to print them for me. So gam dong can!

So ya, there's really nothing else for me to do, except for following up with my guests' attendance and door gifts. And prepare Charlotte's birthday outfit. And order a customized cake lol.

Then came the day!

Took a picture of our little family before we left the house.

She napped in the carrier on our way there #somuchwin

What greeted us at the main entrance! Photo credits to my bff Carly cause I erm dashed in to eat before other guests arrive lololol.

Some other decos.

The dessert table! So pretty       We can actually take back EVERYTHING on the table. So the kids happily took all the kitkats and cupcakes and water bottles and marshmallows.

The chalkboard chart! It was one of my requests. Though there are a few grammar errors oops.

The door gifts I prepared.

This was taken by my sister-in-law. I wrote every single thankQ note myself. I wrote a few versions, actually. Some I wrote something like this,

It's not about Charlotte actually. It's about us surviving the first year of parenthood.
Nah, we're just kidding.
Or maybe not :P
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the party!

I'm not sure who took those cause so far nobody has taken any picture of them and comment about it hahaha.

The wish cards! They're gonna be capsuled in a box for Charlotte to open when she turns 18 :)

Last but not least, the customized cake I ordered from The Cakescape .

I love the golden cake topper. I've kept it for Charlotte, too.

Here's a picture of the princess of the day! Got the dress from a pop up store at Publika. Headband was from BBclips on Instagram.

Most photos were taken with our mobile phone cause the stupid mama brain forgot to charge the battery of my DSLR the day before fml.

What's missing, you ask?


But just in case anybody wants to know, we had 11 dishes. I'm pretty sure everyone was well fed cause there were extras left for us to bring home. I must say, the curry chicken is really really yummy.

The minimum headcount is 30 pax. Yean said the cafe can fit maximum 60 pax. I had 45 guests and I think it's already very crowded. There're not enough tables though there are plenty of chairs. Some of my guests left early because they saw people coming in but there's like "not enough space". So in my opinion, 40 is a comfortable maximum number.

We had a great time and we're glad that our guest enjoyed themselves, too. The husband said that the party was better than what he expected in every aspect. So if you'd like to have a small party for any occasion, I'd recommend Wichday Cafe.

Below are some of the details just in case you're interested. You're welcome.

Wichday Cafe
195, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
0122149061 (Business hour only)

The Cakescape
Ginnie @ 017-645 6759.


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