Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Cube Test

So I saw this video today on Facebook and it's going a lil viral on my Facebook feed as I type. It's about a Japanese psychological game that is meant to reveal aspects of your personality you may not have other wise known yourself. It sounded interesting and I played along. Imma tell you my answers as well.

Imagine you're walking through a dessert and you see a cube.

How big is the cube?
- About the size of my own master bedroom.

What material is the cube made out of?
- See through glass with cushion on the floor.

How far is the cube from the ground?
- It's on the ground.

Somewhere near the cube, imagine a ladder.
Where is it in relation to the cube?
- Next to the entrance of the cube (if there's one) and leaning against the wall.

And what is the ladder made out of?
- Solid wood.

Picture a horse next to the cube and ladder.
Is it wearing anything? (Rein, saddle?)
- Nope.

And what is the horse doing?
- Standing there waiting for me.

Now imagine flowers in the scene. 
How many are there?
- A lot. Everywhere surrounding the cube.

And how far are they away from the cube?
- Just a few feet away.

Now, there's a storm starting.
How close is it to the cube, horse and flower?
- It's quite far away. If the cube is in Serdang, the storm is at KLCC.

And are you scared of it?
- Nope. I enjoy stormy days. With rain. Good to sleep.

Remember all that? Good.

  • The size of the cube is the size of your ego.
  • The transparency of the cube shows how open you are with people.
  • And the closer it is to the ground, the more grounded you are.
  • The distance between the ladder and the cube shows how close you are to your friends.
  • If the ladder is leaning against the cube it means that your friends can lean on you for support.
  • And the sturdier the material, the stronger your bonds to people.
  • The horse being tied up or saddled means you like more control in your relationship.
  • And the wilder the horse, the wilder you like your relationship.
  •  The more flowers you pictured, the more kids you want. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • And the closer they are to the cube, the more you're thinking about kids.
  • The storm represents stress. The closer and more threatening it is, the more stressed you currently are. 

Was this test accurate?

My thoughts:

I'm not sure if this test is accurate. Especially the part about flowers. I would really really love to be a mother of (at least) 2. But given our current finance situation, it might not happen any time soon. Or worse, ever. I love stormy (and rainy) days. Does this means that I am still stressed over something but not stressed enough to threaten myself? I do find myself a lil laid back. The more stressed I am the more easy I go on myself hahahaha.

I guess it is somehow accurate.

I had funny playing this game. What's your result? Was it accurate to you?


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