How do I know my daughter loves me ❤

1. She gives me kisses freely and willingly without asking.

2. She gives me kisses whenever I ask for it.

3. She hugs and kisses me whenever she has done something wrong #manipulative wtf

4. She kisses and hugs me whenever I am mad. 
- Ok let me elaborate a little. Sometimes I raise my voice when I teach out of frustration. She would run to me and call out to me gan-jiongly. If she's already seated in the high chair, she would just pull my sleeves and keep calling Mummy! Mummy! If I ignore her and continue to speak to my students in a loud and frustrating voice, she'd use both her hands to forcefully turn my head to look at her, and then looks at me very concernedly. If I'm not done, I'd tell her to wait. But she would pull me towards her and say Hap aaa. Hap! (read: Hug), then closes her eyes and hug me genuinely lolololololol. I wish I could take a video or picture of situations like this but it'd be awkward for the students to do so after getting scolded by me hahahahahahahahahaha.

5. She doesn't share her favourite food but she would sometimes let me take a bite. Not the whole piece, but a bite from a small piece. She would gladly give me the remaining if she cannot finish, though.

6. She doesn't latch in the middle of the night anymore. But she would wake up, climb up to our bed and lie next to me. Before falling back to sleep, she would conveniently lie on my arms or on my pillow so that her head touches mine, and says hap aaa hap! Sometimes, she would even hold my hand and place it on her buttock and say Pat! Pat aaaa pat! And if I remain still and ignore her, she would move my hand to pat on her buttock herself, and goes back to sleep. Within a minutes or two, she would turn  and sleep horizontally, forming a H sign, with the husband and I being the 2 vertical figures. Most of the time she sleeps like the picture shown below. I have to gather all the energy I have to carry her back down to her bed after she's fast asleep.

7. She stills waits outside of the kitchen or bathroom when I'm cooking or taking a shower or taking a dump. Even when the husband is around, she'd rather have me in sight. Especially when I'm sitting on the throne. She'd reach out her hands and says Hap aaa hap! Even after I tell her that I can't do it, she'd try harder by pursing her lips and says Hap aaa! Kiss! Nice try, Charlotte. Nice try.

8. When she finds something funny, she would purposely laugh loudly while looking at me. If I don't acknowledge her, she would forcefully turn my head so I would look at her and while she laughs even harder. Seriously, WHO TEACH YOU THAT!?

9. She likes to do silly things together with me. Like putting on my headband and flashes me with a big big smile.

10. She says "I Love You" to me all the time with or without prompting 💕

OMG I'm Pregnant Again + Mother Guilt

I remember when Charlotte was almost 1 year old, I started to think of having another child. And my intention is purely and mainly for the good interest of Charlotte.

I wrote about it here.

I must admit that this feeling just gets stronger as day goes by. And every time when I know that we're not in any way gonna hit the jackpot (sorry a bit tmi) because of our financial issue, I'd get reaaaallllllyyyyyy upset. I would cry silently when the lights went off and he wouldn't know. Even if the husband sensed some sniffing, he would thought it's about something else. Like, hormones.

Then in January, I decided that it's now or never. Cause, erm, I wanna close shop latest at 30 lolol.

One week before Valentine's Day, I discovered this.

I still remember vividly that it was a Saturday afternoon. I was home alone with Charlotte. And when the second line appeared, I was emotional. I'm not sure if I was happy, honestly, but I was emotional and fearful. It dawned on to me that Charlotte will soon not be my only child. I started to cry in the toilet, while Charlotte was at the other side of the toilet door, waiting patiently for me. She kept calling for me. I calmed myself down and stepped out the toilet with teary eyes.

She smiled as soon as she saw me. I held her little hand, knelled down so I could look into her eyes. And then I gave her a big and tight hug, and continued to cry. Of course she didn't know what happened. She kept pushing me away to look at me, wondering what's going on. But I just couldn't stop. I was... heart broken.

I suddenly felt a sense of guilt cause I know soon I can't give her my full attention. I was also worried that I won't be able to love her whole-heartedly anymore. And that was enough to make me feel heart broken. I've been reliving my childhood through her. I felt compensated every time I see her smiling happily, enjoying the presence of the husband and I whenever we're spending time together. She helps me to fill up the empty part that's been missing in my heart all this while. She makes me feel whole.

So knowing that my love and attention for her might be divided soon makes me feel lost. And betrayed. Yes, I feel betrayed by myself. I fear that I might also disappoint her or leave her feeling lonely often at some point of time. I've always thought of having a sibling for her. But I've never ever imagine life as a mother of two. I could think of all the things I wanna do with Charlotte alone. But now with another one on the way, I keep questioning myself if I have the ability to handle both of them. If I could still love Charlotte like I swore to. And if I could still fill up the empty spaces.

I kept all this to myself for a good few days. I didn't utter a single word to anyone. Not even to my husband. Until the day before Valentine's Day. I decided that this could be his Valentine's Day present as I didn't have any budget for a Valentine's Day gift lolol.

So I went to get a small box and printed a little card using our home printer.

What's in the box. I tested twice because, erm, one stick is for rm5 and two sticks for rm7. I'm cheapo like that lol.

I handed him when he came back from work. And the rest is history.

With this second pregnancy, I have to confess that I'm not as excited as I was with my first pregnancy. I couldn't remember which week I'm in when people ask me about it. I have to check my phone's app to remind myself yet I don't check it every week like I used to. I do remember my monthly checkup date and EDD and I think that's sufficient enough haha.

I'm also not enthusiastic with getting any newborn stuffs but I guess this is forgivable as I've had most of the things ready. I already have a list of things listed down on my memo pad to remind myself to get them later during a baby fair.

Also, this time around, I am looking forward yet not looking forward to be a mother of 2. Does this make any sense?

I am looking forward for the little baby to be born but at the same time I am not looking forward to spending lesser time with Charlotte and have all the mother guilt kicking and punching me in the face. There're times when I'd woke up in the middle of the night sobbing uncontrollably and hysterically out of nowhere, fearing for the attention I couldn't spare for Charlotte.

We're both at the best place right now, now that she's a 2 year-old. She could sleep through the night, understands instructions well, building vocabulary and pampered with my undivided love and attention. I could walk leisurely in the mall with her holding my hand tight, not having to chase her around. I could also enjoy my time with her by sharing our meals, or just do some reading while she plays with her toys. The best part is, I could enjoy her love and affection she gives ever freely and willingly. We enjoy bedtime reading the most cause there's so much interaction for the both of us. We also love sleeping together. Even though she still latches for comfort, she doesn't latch to sleep anymore. I could just turn off the lights and she would roll to the other side of the bed. All I need to do is to sleep facing her and hold her hands and we would fall asleep together. Sometimes I'd fall asleep before her lolol but it doesn't matter cause she'd follow soon after.

But I know all this WILL change once the little one arrives, and to be honest, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

Can someone please tell me if I'm making any sense? And if it's normal for feeling this way? 😢😢😢

Charlotte Caught Influenza B

It's been an exceptionally tiring month for me as Charlotte was down with fever twice within a month's time.

Last week, when she started to develop fever for the second time after recovering from the previous one 2 weeks ago, this was literally how I felt.

It started on a Friday night when she suddenly developed fever. But it was around 37.9°C so I only gave her paracetamol. The fever subsided and she slept well throughout the night but the fever came in the morning. The temperature was around 38.5°C so I gave her paracetamol as usual. She was fine throughout the day... until night time. Her fever came back and it was really high. Like 39.5°C. In the middle of the night, she was shivering and panting. She even curled up to sleep.

Like this. She was wearing long sleeves and pants as pajamas and I made sure she was well covered with the quilt. This picture was taken during one of her nap times.

I touched her hands and feet and they were cold while her forehead and armpits were warm. The temperature was 39.9°C at around 3am. So I gave her the suppository.

The next morning, her flu and cough started to kick in. She wasn't sneezing much but her mucus was running down the nose like water. And she had a hoarse voice. Since it was a Sunday, I didn't bring her to the pediatrician. Her fever kept coming back every 4 to 5 hours after medication and each time it would spike up to 39°C or higher. She would feel weak and cranky. She also lost her appetite for food and I suspect it was due to her sore throat. So I cooked her porridge, which she dislikes since she was a baby. But she could at least finish a bowl every meal as it's easy to swallow (though she gagged a few times cause she really really doesn't like porridge) so I consider it a win. She continued to have porridge for lunch and breakfast for the next few days. I had to bribe her with YouTube videos to get her to finish a bowl every meal.

The fever continued to strike throughout the night and she couldn't sleep well at all so I took her to the pediatrician first thing on Monday morning. The pediatrician suspected she was having viral infection. It could be dengue or influenza. Since Charlotte was having running nose, he said higher chance it's an influenza virus cause it's currently the season. But he didn't test further as Charlotte was really cranky and all. He did asked if I want to do the test or take some medicine home and continue to monitor her. I really didn't know what was wrong with me that I decided to bring her home and continue monitoring. Maybe because she didn't look severely ill. Maybe she was still active and cheeky. Maybe because I thought she's strong enough. Whatever it is, I swear I will not make assumption so easily next time. He did advised me to bring her back if the fever still persist on Thursday.

It was a really, really bad move to bring her home without doing the test because it was really hellish for me. Don't get me wrong, I am totally fine taking care of her. But the tiredness was taking a toll on my body and mind.

Sick baby = sticky baby. I couldn't get things done most of the time cause she just can't leave me alone. I'm sorry, bladder.

So on Thursday, I was so ready to take her back to the doctor first thing in the morning because she was still having fever around mid night. She woke up around 10.30am, much later than usual. I guess she was also tired from all the discomfort, too? She was all fine until we finished breakfast. So I thought, ok, Imma wait until she wakes from up from her nap and if there's fever before or after her nap, off to the pediatrician we go.

Since she woke up late, she was down for her nap later than usual and woke up around 4.30pm. And guess what? Jeng jeng jeng.... her fever CAME BACK FML! And her pediatrician had already gone off work 😧😧😧

I decided to take her to another pediatrician as his clinic operates in the evening. And after telling the pediatrician the whole account of what happened and a quick test using the influenza test kit, it was confirmed that she had contacted Influenza B. Just in case you're wondering how the test kit looks like, come, let me show you.

It looks something like this and the result will show in 10 minutes.

The doctor told me that Charlotte was the 3rd child this week to get diagnosed with Influenza B. The good news is, there's medicine to cure. The doctor said she should be fine within 2 to 3 days after taking the medicine. Boy, those words just sound so angelic to me.

True enough, she was much better on Saturday and officially fever free on Sunday. IS THIS THE BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT OR IS THIS THE BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!?

Congratulations if you're read my long ass writing above. But if you've just scrolled down to this line for a summary of the account, it's ok, I forgive you.

5 May (Fri) - Started to develop fever at night before bed time. Temperate was around 37.9°C.
6 May (Sat) - Boarder line fever but still active.
7 May (Sun) - High fever (39.5°C). Fever comes back every 4 to 5 hours with runny nose and hoarse voice.
8 May (Mon) - Took her to the doctor. Didn't take the test cause she looked active and not severely ill.
9 May (Tue) - High fever continue to strike every 4 to 5 hours.
10 May (Wed) - Public holiday. Fever, cough and flu still persist.
11 May (Thur) - Took her to the doctor in the evening. Testified as Influenza B.
12 May (Fri) - Fever came back twice throughout the day.
13 May (Sat) - Fever came back once in the middle of the night. Getting much better, though.
14 May (Sun) - Still has a runny nose but officially fever free 🎉🎉🎉

Some people had came up to me to ask what's the difference between Influenza and Common Cold. Well, I've gathered some information from the Dr. Google and here's a quick summary.

If you have a cold, you’ll probably have symptoms like these:
  • ⇢ runny or stuffy nose
  • ⇢ sore throat
  • ⇢ sneezing
  • ⇢ cough
  • ⇢ headache or body aches
  • ⇢ mild tiredness

Flu symptoms can include:
  • ⇢ dry, hacking cough
  • ⇢ moderate to high fever, although not everyone with the flu will run a fever
  • ⇢ sore throat
  • ⇢ shaking chills
  • ⇢ severe muscle or body aches
  • ⇢ headache
  • ⇢ stuffy and runny nose
  • ⇢ severe fatigue that may last up to two weeks
  • ⇢ nausea and vomiting (most common in children)

Colds come on gradually over a few days and are often milder than the flu. They usually get better in 7 to 10 days, although symptoms can last for up to 2 weeks.

Flu symptoms come on quickly and can be severe. They usually last 1 to 2 weeks.

What's the difference between Influenza A and Influenza B.

You can always ask Dr. Google for a more detailed explaination but here's what I understand. Influenza A is like H1N1. Type B flu may cause a less severe reaction than type A flu virus, but occasionally, type B flu can still be extremely harmful.

How do I know if my child has influenza?

The flu strikes more quickly than a cold, and makes people feel worse. Children with colds usually have energy to play and keep up their daily routines. Children with influenza are usually in bed.

Typical influenza symptoms include:

  • ⇢ sudden fever,
  • ⇢ chills and shakes,
  • ⇢ headache,
  • ⇢ muscle aches,
  • ⇢ extreme fatigue,
  • ⇢ dry cough and sore throat and,
  • ⇢ loss of appetite.

Children with the flu may have many of the same symptoms as adults, but there can be differences:

  • 1. Newborns and babies may have a high fever that can’t be explained, and no other signs of sickness.
  • 2. Young children usually have temperatures over 39.5°C and may have febrile seizures (convulsions). 
  • 3. Upset stomach and pain, vomiting, and diarrhea are common in younger children. Earaches and red eyes are also common. 
  • 4. In some cases, muscle inflammation can lead to severe leg or back pain. 

For more information, you can refer to THIS LINK.

Charlotte Has Weaned Off Night Feeding!

Note:This post has been saved as draft for a month! Every time I try to complete the post, something comes up and it's back into the draft folder 😒

Charlotte has been sleeping through the night for the past whole week month!

So I think I can safely proclaim that Charlotte has finally weaned off night feeding and sleeping through the night woohoo~! 🎉🎉🎉
*throws confetti*
*bunny hopping*
*throws more confetti*

Even if she's awaken by the sound of a closing door when her dad steps out of the room getting ready for work in the morning, she would wake up immediately to check if I'm still on the bed. And when she sees me there, she will hold my hands for awhile, calls out to me, and give a little kiss on my hand before falling back on her bed and goes back to sleep. Sometimes she'll climb up the bed just to lay next to me for awhile before going back to sleep on her own bed.

I know because while all this happens, I'm usually awake and will observe quietly in the dark. I must say that I am very proud of her when she didn't wake me up or try to get me to lay with her on her bed. I am also very emotional because this, to me, is a HUGE achievement unlocked. She's on her way to her big-girl-hood *cue tears*

I know some of you might be eager to know how I do it. The thing is, I never plan to wean her off night feeding because she's so addicted to the breast that I never thought it's possible. Or else I might have given this post the title "How to Wean Off Night Feeding".

It all started when we're in Japan.

You see, the thing about winter wear is, it's not nursing friendly at all. I was worried cause, as much as she is fine without the breast during the day when she's in the nursery, it's a totally different story when she's with me during the weekend, especially before nap time. But I decided to brave through it, go with the flow and endure come what may.

True enough, there're storms and tantrums for the first few days when she couldn't have access to the breast as much as she likes. But eventually, she accepted it and fell asleep in the stroller/ carrier herself. It got easier after the 3rd day, I think. She could go on the whole day without latching for the rest of our days in Japan. That being said, she's the happiest at night when we're back at our home stay apartment cause she could have free access and free flow lol.

The signs.

When we're back in Malaysia, it was these 3 incidents that gave me signs.

  1. 👉 One night, I think it was out of exhaustion, she slept through the night. I woke up a few times to check on her but she was all fine. Even snored a bit. 
  2. 👉 The next night, she woke up once and was searching for me. I'm not sure if she was too tired. She stood up and saw me on my bed. She called out to me. I pretend to be asleep and didn't move. Instead of crying, she fell back onto her bed and fell asleep! 
  3. 👉 Then there was another night, instead of sleeping at the breast, she unlatched after the lights went off. Played around a little, tossed and turned and... she fell asleep. ON HER OWN! 
And that's when I thought to myself, maybe she's ready.

How I started weaning her off night-feeding.

So the next night, I started to wean her off night feeding. She still gets her access to the breast, but I stop allowing her to fall asleep with it. So after the lights're off, I unlatched her and told her "No more.". She would cry and try to pull my hands away from my shirt. And cried even more pitifully when I didn't give in. I would hug her as she cry, pat and stroke her head to tell her that it's ok.

She didn't cry for long though. Maybe a minute or two. Then she started to roll around and give me kissessssss haha. And eventually fell asleep within the next 10 minutes.

She woke up twice in the middle of the night and asked for the breast. But I didn't give in. She cried. I hugged and kissed her, and kept telling her that it's ok. She rolled around, and fell back asleep herself!

On the second night, we repeated the same routine. She could have access to the breast as much as she wants before the light turned out. So after we turned the lights out, she was surprisingly fine when I told her "Enough"! She unlatched herself and started rolling around. She couldn't fall asleep soon enough like the day before so she did try to get to the breast but I didn't allow. Instead of throwing tantrums, she kept kissing me hahahahahahahaha. And eventually fell asleep 💜

She woke up once in the middle of the night. And as usual, I didn't give in. So she hugged me tight, cried a little, rolled over and fell back asleep.

On the third night, she's totally fine when I told her "Enough" after the husband turned off the lights. Maybe she wasn't sleepy yet, she started to wander around the room, singing out loud lolol. Occasionally came to me and gave me kisses with "MMMMMMMUUUUAAAAH" sounds hahahahahahahaha. It took her around 30 minutes to fall asleep. She didn't wake up in the middle of the night but she woke up when she heard the sound of the closing door when the husband went out for work. She frantically stood up to look for me. And when she found me on my bed, she called out to me. I was awake but I didn't response, just quietly observing in the dark. And then I saw her just fell back onto her bed and fell asleep.

On the forth night on wards, she didn't wake up at all in the middle of the night. Not a single time. And she has since been sleeping through the night for 10 hours straight!

Well, she did woke up for a few nights the following week because she was down with high fever and I think she was suffering from headache. She woke up crying pitifully. I gave in because it was such a painful sight to see her suffering.

I was really worried that all my efforts would go down the drain but I guess I underestimated her. She continues to sleep through the night after she recovered from her fever.

Some nights she still can't fall asleep easily. When that happens, she would take my hand and ask to pat her little buttock lol. Or attack me with her kisses until she's tired hahahahahaha.

Nevertheless, as of now, she is sleeping through the night and has finally and officially weaned off night feeding. 1 and a half months before she turns 2 😭😭😭

So if any of you are thinking of weaning your little one off night feeding and training them to sleep through the night, my only advise is to look for the signs. When they are ready, there will be signs. It's also easier when they can finally understand instructions like Stop or Enough or No More. It'll be tough for the first few nights but you'll eventually be rewarded. But if they're not ready, you won't be able to force them. Every child has their own timetable.

Now that Charlotte is finally sleeping through the night, can someone teach ME how to sleep through the night? 😕😕😕

How Is It Travelling With A Toddler

Difficult. Is an understatement.

It's exhausting and frustrating at times.

If I end with that 2 lines above, I think it's intimidating enough, right? Don't worry. I'll elaborate more.

I think the main reasons why this trip to Japan was so much more challenging than our 2 previous local trips to Kelantan and Langkawi are as follow:

1. She's more demanding now.

She demands to be carried ALL. THE. TIME. instead of going into the stroller, which she has never find fondness in it before.

And since she's bigger now, she's also heavier in weight. As much as I love to carry her around in a carrier, I couldn't. I would if I could, really. But after doing it for 2 days in a roll, several hours straight a day, I hurt my back. I couldn't walk or stand up straight after the second day so I had no choice but to strap her to the stroller, no matter how she cried bloody murder.

2. She's/ wants to be more mobile now.

It was sooooooooooooooooo easy to bring her around before she could walk. All I need to do was to just strap her in the carrier and go. She loves it in there. And I think she still does.

Why not just let her roam around herself since she's a walking toddler? One might ask.

Sure. She would LOVE to, too! And if I could put them in position, she would prefer to walk around herself than to be carried.

And trust me, it is so much more easier if she could walk on her on. BUT! She doesn't like to hold on to our hands.

No strings attach, mummy! I want no string attach!

The thing is, her parents (read: the husband and I) aren't that willing to chase her around a crowded touristy place. And when she roams around herself, she would spend most of the time back and forth at one spot she finds interesting, which is fine when we need a break from walking cause I do think that she needs to release her energy, too. But when we need to leave to get to the next destination, say, 10 minutes later, that's my least favorite part, as she will start to twist and spin like a struggling crocodile when we try to take her away. The energy consumption within that 3 minutes just trying to stop her from struggling and strap her back into the stroller is equivalent to 2 hours of walking running.

3. She wants to be in control.

She wants to push the stroller instead of going in the stroller.

She wants to hold MY milk carton and drinks all by herself instead of having me holding it for her. And then later spill the milk all over herself 😒

She wants to hold the utensils and feed (read: soil) herself.
She wants to press the elevator's button herself.
She wants to hold the umbrella 2 times her size herself.
She wants to walk on her own in a crowded place without holding our hands.
She wants to walk up and down the stairs herself and repeat 1000 times.

People might say that she's stepping into her terrible-two phase, hence all the melt-downs and tantrums when she can't get things done her way. But if you understand what terrible-two is and why it happens, you should be more forgiving and try your very best to help her overcome that.

To sum-up what "terrible-two" is, it's actually a normal stage in which toddlers begin to struggle between their reliance on adults and their desire for independence. One minute your child might be clinging to you, and the next he or she is running in the opposite direction.

So during the trip, we struggled many times to calm down tantrums and melt downs. And because her speech development is not that advanced as compared to some of her peers, it's really hard for her to understand why we can't allow her to do things she wanna do no matter how hard we try to explain to her. The only way to stop her is to distract her. Most of the time, with food.

Hence, the big tummy.

So if given a chance, will I do it again?

Yes. I would.

It's an experience and an opportunity to learn about myself, of how much I'm capable as a parent. And from this trip, I know that it's a long way to go for me to do better in parenting. There're times when my tiredness and emotional got hold of me and I let my frustration out on a little human being who is not as comprehensive as an adult. Yet after all the scolding and shouting, she'd still smile back after awhile and plant kisses all over my face willingly and generously. And then my guilt level just shoot sky-high 💔

There are also a lot of happy moments, regardless.

Like eating melts-in-your-mouth wagyu beef 💕

Looking down on this breath-taking (and ¥1500 costing per pax) from 300m above the ground.

Spending great time with ignorant deer.

Laughing at funny sleeping position the toddler insist on (we tried to put her back down but she would wake back up and continue to sleep in that position).

And just taking a break from our busy life and stay together as a little family.

I hope this post doesn't discourage you to travel with a toddler. But more like a head's up of what might happen. It is normal, after all, for a toddler to behave like one - curious and adventurous. It will be tiring, but it's the experience that will imprint in your memory forever.


(image from The Egg Yolks)

如果你还没听说,今年的农历新年崛起了一块哥和三块姐/ Top Up 姐。














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Renewing/ Applying Passport in Putrajaya

Our little family is going on a vacay this February to the land of the rising sun.
*throws confetti
*bunny hopping

Boy oh boy, you don't know how excited I am *cue tears of joy.
It's my first oversea trip since motherhood! The last time I went overseas was before I got pregnant. That's like, more than 2 years ago!?

So, what's the one thing you need before flying aboard?

✔ Passport

Mine was already expired and Charlotte needs to apply one. So since I was on mandatory leave, on the 29th of Dec 2016, I took Charlotte to the Immigration Office in Putrajaya to renew/ apply a new passport.

Here are the list of things you need.

Documents needed to renew passport for adults

  1. ♥ RM200 cash (valid for 5 years)
  2. ♥ Expiring/ expired passport
  3. ♥ MyKad

I'm not sure about other immigration offices but if you’re renewing your passport in Putrajaya, there’s no need to bring your photo anymore as they are now equipped with sophisticated Canon digital camera facility. Kindly wear a dark-coloured top as your photo will be shown as black and white in the passport. If you wear a light-coloured top, you will be requested to wear a blazer that they prepared for you to take the photo.

I wore a dark-coloured Superman shirt that day 😁

Documents needed to apply passport for your kid below 12

  1. ♥ RM100 cash (valid for 5 years)
  2. ♥ Birth certificate
  3. ♥ MyKid (just in case)
  4. ♥ 1 hard-copy passport photo with white background. Forehead and ears must be visible in the photo.

If you forget to get your child(ren)'s photo taken, you can go to the building just across the road from Menara Ikhlas. Take the elevator and go up to the 2nd floor. There is a little shop with photo-taking service. It cost RM15 for 4 photos.

Charlotte's first passport photo ❤

**Note (Passport price)-
60 years old & above: RM100
12 years old & below: RM100
Students studying abroad: RM100

The Immigration Office in Putrajaya is in Menara Ikhlas.

If you're driving there, you can search for the location using Waze. Just simply key in Menara Ikhlas, Putrajaya. There's plenty of free parking around there so don't worry about not being able to find a parking spot.

Once you enter the building, you will see Gloria Jean's coffee and myeg at the lobby. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

There're 2 immigration offices on that floor. Make sure you go to Bahagian Pasport.

I was told by a couple of friends that the new system has improved and the service is more effective. They basically waited less 2 hours to get everything done including collection of passpport. So I went there hopeful as I had a movie marathon plan later that day.

Unfortunately, we had no such luck.

The office opens at 7.30am. When we reached there at 8.15am, it was already very crowded. Maybe it's end of the year and everyone's on leave, too?

I still had my hopes high cause I have Charlotte with me. Since she's under 12, we would be attended by Kaunter Khas (special counters for children and senior citizens).

We waited almost an hour before our numbers were called. Maybe they had 2 counters opened instead of 3 (counter 8, 9 and 10)?

While waiting, I had a very unsettled toddler struggling to get off me all. the. time.

After our number was called, the process was pretty fast. Thumbprint, verify, verify, take photo, verify, sign, thumbprint, done lol if I'm not mistaken. But then comes another waiting time - to wait for our (same) numbers being called to make payment at counter 23 or 24. Sigh 😒

I think we waited another half an hour. Luckily, since Charlotte is under 2 years old, she doesn't need to be present during the collection. So after I made the payment, I quickly sent her to her nursery in Cyberjaya and we made it just in time for her lunch.

I then had my first meal somewhere nearby while waiting for the hour to pass.

I went back 10 minutes past an hour and hallelujah, our passport were ready to be collected. But there were no officer at the window so I had to wait 😑 Counter for collection is at counter 19, 20 or 21.

How my passport photos evolved throughout the years lol (top to bottom : the latest to the oldest)

The place is actually equipped with a play area for kids.

And a nursing room for breastfeeding moms. Have to give credit for these facilities.

By the time I collected our passport, it was already 12pm. I expected to get everything done by 11am but oh well. I still got to catch 2 movies with my husband who met up with me at the mall later.

Hope this info is useful if you're planning to renew your passport at Putrajaya.