Monday, January 2, 2017

Brow and Eyeliner Embroidery by Jasimin Juliet De Silva

Nowadays it seems like every other girl have had eyebrow embroidery done! It's like a beauty trend that makes your life so much easier without having to wake up an extra 20 minutes just to get those brows drawn perfectly.

I started trimming my brows when I was 16. I went to those beauty saloon where the beautician would plug and shave the brows and charges rm5 for each service. I used to go every 2 months. Before the next visit, I would try to do it myself at home until I feel they're obviously imbalanced lol.

At the age of 18, I naively went to get my brows tattooed. And boy, one side was extremely thin and has an high arch, it looked horrible! The beautician who tattooed for me blamed it on the shape of my brow, saying it was higher hence she couldn't draw properly and balance the 2 brows so it has to be that way. 無得救 already. BULL SHIT LA! I didn't know why I kept myself quiet but I should have asked for another beautician to do it for me. When I went for touch up later, her other colleague was also shocked to see how imbalanced my brows were and tried her best to help me balance them out. But she couldn't as my right brow's arch was really high.

Taken in 2012. Can you see how the brow on the left is higher than the right side?

So for the longest time, my hair is side parted just so I could cover the right brow with my hair.

Now you know.

The brow tattoos had already faded after a few years to reddish tone but I'm lucky to have thick (and messy) brows. I'd trim them myself but now with a baby, I really have no extra time for that (read: lazy).

And when Korean brows are in trend, I feel so weird looking at my own red thin narrowed brows.

This was taken in July 2015. It's like I have almost no brows!

So one day, I was looking through an FB group that has ladies promoting their service and I came across Jasimin's post. The pictures of her work look promising. Let me show you some.




Natural and nice right?

So I contacted her, got the information I needed and made an appointment with her.

Jasimin is a home-based beautician so the serviced took place at her own home. 

She uses really good numbing cream and it was not painful! At certain areas I felt a bit of discomfort like if someone is scratching me. If you feel pain, just ask Jasimin for more numbing cream.

For 3D embroidery, she uses a thin, fine blade to imbue the ink instead of the traditional vibrating tattoo needle to tattoo "hair" like strokes on your brows.

And here's the result!

Right side. See the high arch before the 3D embroidery? Jasimin added thickness to try to balance the shape out.

Left side.

After the embroidery, it is natural for the brows to look a little harsh. The ink will scab over and fall off, leaving a lighter color.

For a few days I walked around with more severe looking brows, but nothing bad. The skin around the brows will also be dry, but Jasimin will give you a cream for that.

You can see from the 2 pictures above that I did eyeliner embroidery too. For eyeliner, she uses the traditional vibrating needle to draw the line but it's not painful at all thanks to that cream.

Here's how I look now. With more refined brows :)

You can see the brow on the right side is still slightly higher but Jasimin had tried her best and I think they're better now as compare to before I did the embroidery.

So if you like what you see, give Jasimin a call. By the way, it's pronounce as Jas-min. Not Je-see-min lolol. You can ask her why if you decided to engage her with her service. Or else, you can also call her Juliet as that's her middle name.

Charges for eyebrow/  eyeliner  embroidery are as follow:

Eyebrow embroidery - RM850 (1 FOC touch up)
Eyeliner embroidery - RM400 (1 FOC touch up)

If you wanna look prettier for the new year, call her at 012 - 290 8938


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