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10 Things I Don't Need in Welcoming a New Baby

Being a new parent is often overwhelming and exciting. Before the baby comes, we want to make sure that we're well prepared - financially, mentally and environmentally haha. But let's face it, not everyone can be financially and mentally well prepared all the time. So most of us will try our very best to be environmentally prepared for the baby.

Charlotte is very blessed with a lot of hand-me-downs so it really saves us a lot. Yet I thought that there're plenty more to prepare to welcome this little baby, who actually doesn't need so many things! If I could do it all over again, here are 10 things I wouldn't buy to welcome a new baby.

1. Sterilizer

My lactation consultant once told me that I don't have to sterilize the bottles everyday or after every use. Same goes to those pumping parts. All you need to do is to clean them throughly and let them air-dry. It's advisable to only strilize the bottles once a week. Or, if you still wanna sterilize it, just pour in some hot water and swirl it in the bottle before using. I bought this Little Bean Sterilizer cause it has an upper tray that I could sterilize my freemie. Also because it comes with a milk bottle warmer (kiam, I know). Which brings me to my second point.

2. Milk Bottle Warmer

This is quite useless if you're a lactating mother who feeds your child directly from the breast all the time. Even when Charlotte was with a nanny for a while, I didn't need to bring it to the nanny cause she would warm the milk the conventional way by placing the milk bottle that contains thawed milk in a cup of warm water for about 10 minutes  until you don't feel a temperature when you place the bottle on your palm as that's the right temperature of the milk for your baby. Sometimes she even thawed it until room temperate before feeding, which works fine as well. I did use it to warm up all Charlotte's frozen puree, though, when she started solids. Until one day I accidentally dropped it and it has a crack and cannot hold water anymore. Then I just reheat her puree by defrosting the puree in the fridge over night and then steam it the conventional way the next morning for 10 minutes.

3. Cot

If only I listened to one of my friends' advise earlier, I could really save on this cost. When Charlotte was able to roll over, especially in her sleep, she'd be awaken by herself when she hit herself on the panel.

Imagine this happening every. single. hour. throughout the night. RIP sleep.

Then when she was able to hold on the panel to stand up, we had to lower the mattress so she wouldn't trip over and fall.

We also removed one side of the panel so that it's easier for me to pick her up for mid night feeding. But this IKEA cot was not designed to be that way.

In January when she was 9 months old, we decided to get her a Queen size mattress so she could sleep on the floor. With a body so small and with pillows to baricade, she could still fall off her bed and it happens almost every week. Graceful, Charlotte. Graceful.

Her cot is now placed in another room that's intended for her.

We wanted to sell it off but I hold that thought cause... well, who knows, maybe we'll have another one in the future and it may come in handy?

The reason why I bought this cot was because I was convinced that I could use it for a very long time. When Charlotte has out grown the cot, I thought I could do some recreational work with it.

Like converting it into a study table for her! I like the idea but it's always easier said than done. We'll see.

4. Bouncer

The bouncer is useful BEFORE the baby learns how to roll over. This is useful because it's mobilazable. My cousin lent me the conventional one as shown below.

But Charlotte keeps falling down even when I put her in the "belt".

And there's no support to her head and neck so her head is always tilted to a side.

Smirking 😏😏😏

Judging me for watching TV lol.

So most of the time when I need to do something, I just place her in her cot. When I need to watch some tv shows, I just carry her cause that's all I wanted to do than to have her lying in the boucer staring at me with that judging look lol.

5. Baby Body Talc

Talcum dusting powder is commonly used to reduce rashes and diaper irritation in babies and infants. But this practice is dangerous as it can result in the inhalation of significant amounts of powder, causing acute or chronic lung irritation, known as talcosis.

But I'm sure you'll be given this as a gift during your baby shower or full moon celebration. Well, keep calm as here are 7 Suprising Uses For Baby Powder.

Dry Shampoo Your Hair. Extend a great blowout, enhance bohemian waves, or soak up shine by using our baby powder as a chemical- and talc-free dry shampoo. The arrowroot powder and cornstarch won’t strip your hair, leaving it fresh and voluminous even after an afternoon yoga session. Lift your hair and sprinkle powder underneath the section you’re styling. Gently rub it into your scalp to absorb excess oil. And, after a few short minutes, brush out any powder remaining on your strands.

Ready, Set, Makeup. Go ahead, leave your makeup bag behind and carry that chic clutch to your dinner date. Opt for a dusting powder made without talc, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Extend the staying power of your lipstick by dusting your lips before you apply your fave color. Then set your foundation to create a flawless finish.

After-Shave Alternative. Post shave, gently rub on baby powder to soothe and soften your skin.

Beat the heat. Use baby powder to absorb sweat and leave your skin soft and dry. Some people even recommend it as an alternative to deodorant! Apply it following a shower and you’ll be set for the day.

Get Fresh Kicks. Keep your shoes and feet feeling fresh, especially after taking them on a summer run. Sprinkle baby powder on your insoles, let it stand overnight, and dump it out in the morning for airy smelling shoes.

Magically Repel Sand. Leave the sand at the shore by sprinkling some baby powder over sand-covered kids to wick away excess moisture and easily brush off any traces of the beach.

Be a Cool Camper. Sprinkle baby powder over your sheets to keep them cool when you sleep. But what about when you move your “bed” outdoors? Enjoy a refreshing night camping under the stars by similarly dusting the interior of your sleeping bag with powder — a hot summer night won’t put a damper on your great (or backyard) adventure.

(Source from Honestly)

6. Stroller

We bought a stroller from taobao. The stroller was nice and all but it's very troublesome to get around. You have to take the elevator in the mall just to get from one floor to another. And since I'm out and about with Charlotte alone most of the time, it was quite difficult for me to carry a 10kg+ stroller around. It was even difficult enough just to get it out of the car.

But if you really need a decent (and affordable stroller), I would recommend you this.

The Seebaby QQ series. They're good for travelling as they're light-weighted (less than 5kg).

7. Kangaroo Hip Seat Carrier

Another reason why I despite the stroller is because I was introduced to the wonders of a carrier. I have long decided that attachment parenting is for me and a carrier is very much essential. But before I was introduced to the different type of carriers, the prices already pull me back. So when I saw this at the baby fair at the price of RM79, I bought it there and then.

Wrong move.

Though I have no issue carrying Charlotte in this Kangaroo Hip Seat Carrier, I have major issues carrying her in it when I was still teaching as a tutor cause it was difficult for me to sit down with it strapped on me.

If you think having a carrier is for you, my advise is to try them on before deciding on one as there're so many type of carriers out there. I've tried Wraps, Ring Slings, Pouch Slings and Buckle/Soft Structured Carriers. I'll be writing a review on all of them soon so stay tuned if you're interested to know the differences. There's a group on Facebook that allows parents to swap and exchange carriers but it's now a private group. But if you have friend who could lend you any carrier to try, please test out first before deciding which one suits you. It's advisable to get a carrier after your baby is born so you could try them on with your baby. You really don't have to rush in getting one. And trust me, even though it's kinda pricey, it's one of my best investments.

8. Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag

The picture you see here is a happy baby being swaddled but you should know very well that this is just a marketing gimmick. Baby this big (assuming 3 to 5 months old) would already prefer having his hands and legs free for movements. Swaddling is no doubt an excellent tool for comforting babies especially during their newborn days because babies startle a lot. Swaddling helps to keep them calm. You can read more about swaddling HERE.

I swaddle Charlotte all the time during her newborn days.

It really calms her down and she tends to sleep longer.

But what I'm saying is, you don't have to buy a swaddle sleeping bag. Instead, get a swaddle blanket, which is like a bigger piece of cloth. Besides swaddling, you could also use it as a burp cloth, tummy time blanket, nursing cover, stroller cover or even a changing table cover when you're at a public baby room.

9. Loads of baby clothes

Disclaimer: Image taken from the internet. Not Charlotte's lolol.

Charlotte is really lucky to have a lot of hand-me-down clothes from her second cousins. And since she's out with me to work almost everyday, she only changes 2 outfits throughout the day - one for going out and one pajamas. And it really isn't that neccessary to buy clothes in all sizes given that there are options from 0-3 months, 3-6 months, so on and so forth. Some babies pack on weight fast and might be bursting 6-9 months old outfits at just 4 months old.

I change Charlotte's wardrobe every 3 to 4 months. She'd have 9 rompers (2 as extras just in case of emergency) and 7 pajamas. Now that her growth is not as rapid as before, she has 5 pair of outfits (shirt and pants), 3 dresses for going out and 5 pajamas (I don't change them everyday now. If it's clean, I'll let her wear again the next day). I know there are really a lot of pretty and cute outfit out there for kids. Just remember that they really don't need that many.

But do you know what you could never have enough? Handkerchief and towels lol. You'll know what I mean when you're a parent.

10. Expensive Toys

Really. Whatever age-appropriate stated on the box... is a lie. Your kids will be more interested in the wet wipes packet, keys, remote control, fragile decorations and your hair.

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  1. I am expecting a baby so his post is what I was looking for. The milk bottle warmer is perfect for winter season and I will grab one of these soon:)