Update on My New Diet Plan

10:33 AM Michelle Dolphin 2 Comments

Remember almost a month ago, I decided to start on a new diet plan by consuming less sugar?

After a month of trying, I'm ashamed to say that...

I failed miserably *crying face*

The first few days, I was really discipline with myself. I took only 1 cup of milo to kick start my day and that's it. I wouldn't drink another cup or have any sugary food throughout the entire day. Even when my husband offered to buy me my favourite drink, I rejected. I was feeling alright and was not craving for anything sweet. I drank plenty of water when I sense some craving creeping in.

Then the second week came. One day, I went to the cinema with the husband. After the show, we passed by Boat Noodles and I was soooooooooo tempted to get a cup of Ice Thai Milk Tea. And I did. I gave in to temptation after walking back and forth in front of the shop for, I don't know, 50 times? I had my first cup of Milo in the morning already. I told myself, you did well on the first week, no harm giving yourself a reward in advanced?

Ladies and gentlemen, and that's how everything else started to screw up.

The next day, I remember I was late for work and by noon, I was still busy with work but couldn't go out for lunch, so I had my second cup of milo. And the rest is history.


The other day, I saw the cleaner refilling the coffee machine. So I took a look at the Milo Packaging.

This is the package the use to refill the machine. Take a closer look at the ingredients.

The first on the list is sugar! Which means, sugar is the MAIN ingredient of the drink! Not malt extract, but sugar!

I know that sugar, like drugs and alcohol, are addictive. The reason can be explained through Science and it was well explained HERE.

I weight myself this morning and...

I'm not cheating but I really am 62.9kg. But my weighting machine is low on battery so... :D

I lost 500g probably because I shared my dinner with Charlotte last night. Or I haven't drink water this morning. I'm pretty sure it's now back to 63.5kg fml.

I need motivation. And after some clicking, I found many.

All sources found from Mr. Google and these are result of a workout call BBG (Bikini Body Guide) created by Kayla Itsines. You've probably heard about it before cause this workout has been around for quite some time. And if they can do it, so can I right!? Right!? RIGHT!?

I'm not sure how I'm gonna start and go through this as I have so many things to juggle but hopefully I can start soon and bring myself some good news next month. Also, I will continue to cut down on my sugar intake. It might be a long battle but I know I need to do this for myself.

Maybe I should set one of these photos as my phone's wallpaper so I could look at it when my craving kicks in.


  1. I have heard many stories about diet plans which failed in a week or so. It happens when you restrict yourself from something it attracts you more.

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