Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How do I know my daughter loves me ❤

1. She gives me kisses freely and willingly without asking.

2. She gives me kisses whenever I ask for it.

3. She hugs and kisses me whenever she has done something wrong #manipulative wtf

4. She kisses and hugs me whenever I am mad. 
- Ok let me elaborate a little. Sometimes I raise my voice when I teach out of frustration. She would run to me and call out to me gan-jiongly. If she's already seated in the high chair, she would just pull my sleeves and keep calling Mummy! Mummy! If I ignore her and continue to speak to my students in a loud and frustrating voice, she'd use both her hands to forcefully turn my head to look at her, and then looks at me very concernedly. If I'm not done, I'd tell her to wait. But she would pull me towards her and say Hap aaa. Hap! (read: Hug), then closes her eyes and hug me genuinely lolololololol. I wish I could take a video or picture of situations like this but it'd be awkward for the students to do so after getting scolded by me hahahahahahahahahaha.

5. She doesn't share her favourite food but she would sometimes let me take a bite. Not the whole piece, but a bite from a small piece. She would gladly give me the remaining if she cannot finish, though.

6. She doesn't latch in the middle of the night anymore. But she would wake up, climb up to our bed and lie next to me. Before falling back to sleep, she would conveniently lie on my arms or on my pillow so that her head touches mine, and says hap aaa hap! Sometimes, she would even hold my hand and place it on her buttock and say Pat! Pat aaaa pat! And if I remain still and ignore her, she would move my hand to pat on her buttock herself, and goes back to sleep. Within a minutes or two, she would turn  and sleep horizontally, forming a H sign, with the husband and I being the 2 vertical figures. Most of the time she sleeps like the picture shown below. I have to gather all the energy I have to carry her back down to her bed after she's fast asleep.

7. She stills waits outside of the kitchen or bathroom when I'm cooking or taking a shower or taking a dump. Even when the husband is around, she'd rather have me in sight. Especially when I'm sitting on the throne. She'd reach out her hands and says Hap aaa hap! Even after I tell her that I can't do it, she'd try harder by pursing her lips and says Hap aaa! Kiss! Nice try, Charlotte. Nice try.

8. When she finds something funny, she would purposely laugh loudly while looking at me. If I don't acknowledge her, she would forcefully turn my head so I would look at her and while she laughs even harder. Seriously, WHO TEACH YOU THAT!?

9. She likes to do silly things together with me. Like putting on my headband and flashes me with a big big smile.

10. She says "I Love You" to me all the time with or without prompting 💕

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  1. Well these pictures sure depicts the true love between the two of you. Naturally, mother and daughter relation is the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life