Monday, February 29, 2016

A letter to Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,

Today is your first 29th of February. Also marks the day you turn 10 months old. The next time we spend 29th of February together, you might already be in kindergarten.

How time flies! You'll be turning 1 soon in a couple of months. As much as I would love to freeze time so that you'll stay forever chubby and cute and helpless (so that I can do whatever I want to you, for example, planting kisses to your chubby cheeks), I am also looking forward to see you grow and hit those little milestones.

I want you to know that mothering you has bring me so much joy and also lead me to a lot of self-discovery. Besides getting to know more about you, I also get to learn more about myself.

I now know that,
as a mother, I am capable of lovingly selflessly.
As a mother, I am capable of being strong and independent.
As a mother, I am capable of fighting against others just to protect you.
As a mother, I am capable of staying awake all night just to stare at you as you sleep cause spending the whole day with you just wasn't enough.

Sounds creepy? lol.

As a mother, I found the simplest joy by just hearing you calling mammmmma.
As a mother, I can withstand close to 9kg of weight on me every single day and don't feel tired at all.
As a mother, I don't mind to spend on good food to feed you while I chomp down breads and paos every day.
As a mother, I am proud to call you mine.

Thank you so so much for bringing out the best in me. A side of me that I never knew I am capable of.

I love you, my baby. And I promise I will always do.



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