Thursday, March 3, 2016

Baby Pancakes

I'm a normal yield mom. Though Charlotte direct latches all the time, I would still pump once a day every morning. In order to get at least 3~4oz when I pump in the morning, I'd only feed Charlotte one side through the night and left the other side untouched in order to "stock up" milk. The expressed milk is usually stock up in the freezer just in case of emergency or to mix with cereal to feed Charlotte.

Lately, she's been stirring frequently at night and I realized it's because she didn't get enough milk. So I have to feed both sides throughout the night. Hence, I get very little milk in the morning. So much so I've stopped pumping for awhile now.

I still have some cereal left but with no milk to mix with. And for some reason, I don't feel comfortable mixing the cereal with just plain water.

So I thought, why not make some baby pancakes as snacks for Charlotte?

Here are the ingredients!

♡ 2 tablespoons of cereal
♡ 1 egg
♡ banana (the more the sweeter)
♡ fat of your choice (butter / olive oil)

First, add the egg into the cereal and mix well.

Then, add in the banana and mix well too. I used a fork to mash them.

Next, heat your pan and add in your choice of fat. I actually did this twice already. The first time using butter and the second time I used olive oil. Butter (always) makes food taste better. Scoop the batter and pour onto the pan. you can put in smaller scoop if you want the pancake to be of smaller size.

Roughly a minute on each side.

Tadaaa~! Done in less than 7 minutes, really!

Charlotte approves! It's good to be given as finger food for babies to practice eating with their hand. The texture is soft and it's really yummy. It's gonna get a lil messy and oily but it's ok :)

I brought some out with me so that I can give them to her as snack to buy some peace and quite lol.

You can make this for your baby as soon as you know that they are free from egg allergy.

Try out and let me know if your kids like it!