Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Things my husband says vol.1

We try to make it a habit to read to Charlotte every night since she's 3 months old. One of her first books is a cloth book about sea creatures. And this is how her father reads to her.

"This is a fish. We can eat fish."

(points to the octopus)
"This is an octopus. We can eat octopus."

(points to the seahorse)
"This is a seahorse. I dunno we can eat this one or not."

(points to the turtle)
"This is a turtle. This one also we can eat."

(points to the whale)
"This is a whale. This one very big. But we can also eat one."

(points to the crab)
"This is a crab. We can eat crab."

(points to the starfish)
"This is a starfish. I don't think we can eat this starfish."

"This is seafood platter. All also we can eat lah. I think."


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