Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, my love ❤

To the world's bestest husband and the father of my child,

Thank you for all the silly and lame jokes you say just to make me laugh, though I'm feeling quite numbed to it sometimes. Or does this means that I'm already at your level and you have to up your game?

Thanks for pampering me every now and then with, erm, food hahahaha.

Thanks for catching all the lizards that stupidly crawled into our house and throw them out the window (sorry but not sorry, lizards) so I won't freak the hell out and scream the house down.

Thanks for teaching Charlotte that it's ok to fart freely even though it's smelly. Farting is good. And healthy.

Thanks for giving Charlotte all the fun from piggy-back ride. I think you did it just to make me smile cause you know that my happiness highly depends on how happy Charlotte is.

Thanks for making us your priority even though sometimes you have to compromise your work.

Thanks for being the dad Charlotte loves. It's always a wonderful scene to see her jolly screaming when she sees you at the door.

I hope Charlotte learns to be as patient as you.

I hope Charlotte learns to be as brave as you, especially when it comes to catching lizards.

I hope Charlotte will remember that she can always count on you to be her pillar of strength. If your shoulder is too hard for her to cry on, she can always lean on your back (cause it's meaty and comfy so stop saying you need to go on a diet).

Happy Birthday, my love.


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