Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Breastfeeding after going back to work

It has always been one of my biggest concerns before going back to work.

Will I be able to continue breastfeeding Charlotte until she's 2?

Or until she weans off the breast herself?

As mentioned before, I've stopped pumping since January this year. Though I had time to stock some up before starting work but I was too busy just juggling with life.

I understand that after 1 year of age, breast milk is not the main food intake anymore. It's more like supplement on top of her 3 proper meals. I initially didn't wanna give her any other form of milk to substitute breast milk but at the same time, I was afraid that she'd feel left out if she sees her friends taking the bottle but she's not. So I bought her Oat Milk powder.

She's taking the Oat Milk twice a day. Once during breakfast and once during snack time when she's at the nursery. But when she's with me or during the weekends, I don't give her any oat milk at all cause the fresh and genuine one is always readily available lol.

So, am I still breastfeeding her?

Hell yes.

Every morning after she wakes up, I let her take her time to nurse as long as she wants. After sending her to the nursery, I let her nurse a while more or until she's satisfied. Now that she knows that I'll leave after nursing, she's taking the breast longer.

Then after work, when I pick her up, I'll let her nurse before we head home together. When she's at home, I'll just let her nurse as much and as long as she wants. She's now more fussy and demanding and I kinda expected that cause maybe it's her way of showing dissatisfaction for leaving her for so long during the day. Though tiring and often sore, breastfeeding her is one of my ways to compensate her. So ya, not complaining. Not complaining.

How's my boob feeling for not nursing for at least 9 hours?

Soft. No engorgement at all. It does feel a lil full but bearable. Of course there's a stream of relieved and satisfaction when she nurse on after I pick her up from the nursery. Sometimes I would wonder if my supply is running low when she nurses hard and long but I still see milk around the nips when she unlatches so I guess there's nothing to worry? Also, I sometimes pinch my nips to see if my milk still sprays during bath time lol. Sorry ya if too much info. But my point is, as preached by every other lactation consultant, supply = demand. As long as she demands for it, at this point, I'm still positively sure that I'll be able to supply to her.

Lately, I came across this article from a writer whom I admire. It's not really relevant to what I just wrote up there but this is one of the reasons why I'm more determined to let Charlotte wean off the breast herself as she has her own timetable for
it. If you're still breastfeeding your little one, I hope this encourage you to continue on breastfeeding as long as you and your child mutually desires. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you.



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