Friday, August 26, 2016

Breastmilk Keepsake Jewelry

When I've stopped pumping in January this year, I still had a few packets of frozen breastmilk in the freezer. Donating them was one of my options to clear them off but I didn't want to just bid them farewell like that. I mean, they signify an important milestone I achieved in life. I thought of keeping one frozen packet and give it to Charlotte when she turns 21. Though I'm quite certain that she might feel clueless of what to do with it hahaha. Maybe she could continue to keep it until she's a mother herself and tells my newborn cucu, "See, this was what I used to drink when I was your age."

Ya.... right....

Anyway, one day I stumble upon a post on Facebook (I mean, where else, right?) and this seller was selling breastmilk keepsakes. And that's it! A keepsake! For the sake of keeping lol. After comparing the price and do some rough research, I contacted the seller. It's not cheap, honestly. Here's what she quoted me

European Bead (breastmilk/ baby's cord/ baby hair)
1 for RM250
3 & above RM200/pcs
Free Glitters, Shimmers, Colors, Flakes, Foil
Add On Name additional RM15 for per bead

The price is slightly cheaper than a Pandora bead. But it's made from my own breastmilk! So after contemplating much, I decided to place my order. Since I was among the first batch to order, I was able to enjoy an additional 10% discount. I ended up paying RM180 per bead.

My order was as below

♥ 1 full bm (faceted) with gold glitter.
♥ 1 full bm (faceted) with added name - Charlotte (lobster font)
♥ 1 half bm + half pink (faceted)
♥ 2 full bm (faceted) with pink glitter

I also got to get a complimentary pendant cause they were running birthday month promo. So on top of the beads, I also  got myself a complimentary full bm pendant.

I placed my order in March. Since the response was overwhelming, I was told that my order can only be delivered around July. I was fine with that, thinking that it could be a birthday gift to myself. Each bead needs approximately 30ml (1oz) of bm. I handed the seller 1 bag (10oz) of frozen bm ans waited patiently.

My beads came in August instead of July.

Let me show you my keepsakes ♥ ♥ 

Pretty right?

They came with a complementary bangle but I'm not wearing it. I'm wearing 2 in my Pandora bracelet and keeping the rest in Charlotte's Time Capsule Box :)

They came in boxes like that, just in case you're wondering. You can also see my breastmilk pendant on the left.

There is a bottle of wax powder with a wax cloth included for the beads, to prevent them from tarnishing.

Also included is a care card, teaching you how to take care of your keepsakes.

Of course I was not happy when there was no news and I have to ask them for updates myself. But I got them in the end all is well now. Just that I won't share who this seller is. If you're interested to get these keepsakes for yourself, you can simply search through Facebook and you can find a number of result.

Just in case you're wondering, I never join any of these groups and the seller is not shown in the result here. I'm just showing you that you can easily find them on facebook. Do compare the prices and look through the reviews before deciding who and where you wanna get your keepsakes from.


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