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After I wrote the post about Caring Moms Bazaar 2016 , mummy Jamie came to me to offer me her homemade powders.

I was delighted and happily accepted the offer. I mean, who would say no to homemade goodness?

She makes 3 types of powder

♥ Chicken Stock Powder - made from Chicken Breast, Himalayan Salt, Onion, Garlic, Leek & Celery

♥ Anchovies Powder - made from Quality Anchovies from Pangkor Island

♥ Vegetable Powder - made from Purple Cabbage, Broccoli, Yellow Onion, Carrots & Tomatoes. All organic except for the onion.

So last weekend, I got myself working with these powders.

First, I stir-fried some broccoli and carrot with the chicken powder.

I used it to replace salt, since it already contains Himalaya Salt. After stir-frying a bit, I add more water to soften the vegetables.

Now, let's hear the verdict.

① - Ooo, what's that mummy? I think it's calling me.
② - Okok I'm coming for you.
③ - Mummy! Put down the phone and concentrate please! My mouth is ready!
④ - There there, broccoli. You're safe in my mouth now. Go on down to my tum tum.

In other words, Charlotte approves (◕‿◕✿)

Next up, stir-fried mushrooms with Anchovies Powder.

Because the mushrooms are already flavorful, I only add a little bit of anchovies powder to enhance the flavor. 

Sorry no after-photo cause erm... I forgot to feed my camera first  (´・ω・`)
But it was no doubt tasty.

I was told not to boil soup overnight as it's not good for babies, though it'll be more flavorful. So one day, I made this simply ABC soup using only 2 chicken drumsticks, 1 potato, 1 carrot, 1 onion and 1L of water and cooked for 1 hour. When it's almost done, instead of adding salt, I added half a teaspoon of Chicken Stock Powder and 1 teaspoon of Anchovies Powder. It was AHMAIGWD so so so SOOOO YUMMY! That's how I'm gonna cook my soup from now on wards! No more boiling overnight and waste electricity (cause I'm using an induction cooker).

As for the Vegetable Powder, I used it to make omelette.

 I used 2 eggs. Beat them well and then add in 1 tablespoon of the Vegetable Powder and mix well.

Lo and behold!


Reality hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (─‿‿─)

But it's yummy OK!!! And come to think of it, if your child doesn't like eating greens, this is a great way to let them eat vegetable by cooking with the vegetable powder cause it's like hidden vegie!

Also, the Vegetable Powder can be consumed directly and it taste sweet. Not sugary sweet cause the sweetness comes from the vegetables so it's very authentic. I sprinkle some on top of Charlotte's rice like ふりかけ (furikake) without having to worry if  it contains any MSG, preservatives or artificial flavoring cause it doesn't! And Charlotte loves it. So do I (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Jamie also shared some tips for using the powder

✿ The chicken stock powder is suitable to enhance the taste of your soup, to stir-fry vege or for marinating. It's meant to replace soy sauce, table salt, or oyster sauce in your cooking.

✿  The chicken stock powder is not recommended for baby under 12 months old because it contains Himalayan Salt.

✿ Anchovies powder is suitable to put into your noodle soup. You can also add a pinch into your baby's porridge. Suitable for babies 8 months old and above.

✿ Vegetable Powder is suitable for babies 10 months old and above.

Please use a dry spoon to scoop the powder.

Chicken & Anchovies Powder can be kept 4-5 months in the fridge. The Vegetables Powder can only be kept in the fridge for maximum 3 months only as it's dehydrated with a dehydrating machine.

Zoey's Kitchen Homemade Cooking Powders Pricing is as below (with effective from 01/08/2016)

1.Chicken Stock Powder (Normal Chicken):-
~ RM27/80gm
~ RM33/100gm
~ RM45/140gm (full bottle)

2. Chicken Stock Powder (Kampung Chicken):-
~ RM32/80gm
~ RM40/100gm
~ RM55/140gm (full bottle)

3. Anchovies Powder:-
~ RM30/100gm

4. Vegetables Powder:-
~ RM40/80gm

- FREE delivery for orders worth RM80 and above
- There will be a delivery charge of RM8 for orders worth below RM80.
- Delivery charge to East Malaysia is RM10.

*unsalted Chicken Powder is available upon request with additional charges due to extra portion of chicken breast required.

For more information, kindly head over to Zoey's Kitchen Facebook page.
Or you can also reach mummy Jamie at 016 - 326 0909.

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