Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Chain of Unlucky Events

It all started last Wednesday.

After the routine of feeding Charlotte her dinner and everything else, it was bathing time. Since the husband was not home yet, we took a shower together.

As we're done and ready to step out of the bathroom, I slipped. With Charlotte in my arms facing the front, I had to think fast. It's either I lean forward and fall on top of her, or I try to do something else as long as Charlotte remains unharmed.

I did the latter. I was trying so hard to balance myself, flipping back and forth and sideways. Until!!! I knocked the corner of my left eye at the edge of the door.

The said edge.

Instantly, I felt an intense pain. So I quickly brought Charlotte to her changing table. I was still standing up trying to dress her in her pajamas but it was so god damn difficult! I also felt a building rising at the corner of my left eye. Within seconds, I was feeling dizzy, nauseous and was having blurry vision. Everything around me went almost black and white. Almost. I could still see but with white outlines. I'm not sure how to put it down in words actually but that's basically how it is. I almost pass out but I know I couldn't cause I was alone with her. Finally, with all my might, I dressed her up, took her to my room just next door, placed her on the floor and I collapsed on the bed.

I don't know how long did I stay unconscious but as soon as I was more conscious, I quickly called out to Charlotte. She was then walking around the room rampaging, pulling tissue papers out from the tissue box and tearing. I didn't stop her cause I couldn't. I just stayed lying on the bed, calling her, hoping she'd just stay close to me. And she did. She came to me holding my little toe. Maybe she was curious as to why mommy's not moving on the bed, when she'd usually stop my from the fun I'd have.

I also quickly gave my husband a call, telling him to come home immediately. After hanging up the phone, I remember sobbing so badly as I was feeling so shitty, lonely and helpless.

But I quickly snapped out of it as soon as I was able to sit up. I carried Charlotte to the dressing table and had her hair blow-dried. Then I continue to lie down on her bed so she could nurse sesuka hati while I continue to rest cause I was still feeling dizzy.

When the husband came back, he took a good look at my bruise and decided that I need to get to the hospital for a checkup. I was 200% reluctant because by then I was already feeling better and it was already past Charlotte's bedtime. But he insisted. So off we went to Hospital Serdang.

We reached there around 10.45pm. Got myself checked and x-ray taken. Nothing concerning so we headed back home around 12am.

Here's a picture of how my natural eye shadow progressed for the past 9 days.

The next day, this happened.

Background story was I cooked one-pot chicken rice for dinner. Charlotte had her usual portion at 8pm ish then went to bed at 10pm. Around 10.30pm, she woke up with a cought and then started to throw up. She threw up all her dinner and we've changed her bedsheets until there no more left to change! If I'm not mistaken, she threw up a total of 6 times. Whatever goes in, even breastmilk and water, comes back out shortly. The last straw was at 2am, when there's nothing left for her to throw up but yellowish liquid (黄疸水). We decided that it's critical so we rushed her to Hospital Serdang. Again.

2 nights in a row. How wonderful. Not.

She was all active, running here and there. And was brave, too! When the nurse wanted to take her blood for some test, he poke that needle thing in on the back of her right hand first. When he poke the needle in, I held her tight and sang her favourite nursery rhyme. She did whine a little but didn't cry. Instead, she was watching the nurse doing his job in awe. Blood came out but not flowing. So he decided to do it again on her other hand. This time, she cried. I tried my very best not to cry along too cause I know she needs me.

This was after the nurse has successfully took her blood. I told the husband to take a picture of us. First of all is for remembrance. Secondly was to distract myself cause I was all teary already.

Since the last puke, she was all fine at the hospital. No more vomiting even after I fed her some water an hour later. The doctor said she seemed fine and there's nothing visibly wrong. Her tonsils seemed red and swollen so that might irritate her causing her to puke. She told us to wait for the blood test. The test result came out half an hour later. Everything seems normal, only her blood is thicker than usual (43%). The doctor suggested to admit her for drip but I rejected cause I don't think she's treating the root cause. So my husband and I signed the form to release her home. It was already 4.40am. She was asleep in the carrier around 3am and continue to sleep when I transfer her to the bed. My poor tired baby.

I still sent her to the nursery the next morning cause she seems fine. Nursing without vomiting.

She looks fine here but actually, she had not eaten the whole day!

The carer said she refused her oat milk and lunch and only drank a little bit of water. Her bottle was 90% filled when I picked her up! I don't know how she still has so much of energy. We went out for dinner and I pick all her favourite food but she took none, too! All she wanted was my milk.

Then, on Saturday morning,

I had to deal with this shit-tuation.

Without delay, we cleaned her up, fed her 4oz of puree (and thank God she polished all!) and rushed to see her usual paediatrician.

Someone was clearly not affected at all.

After listening to the whole account and a quick check on her, the paediatrician said that it's not the tonsils that's causing her all the discomforts cause she has no fever at all. If it's something to do with her throat, there's bound to be fever. So it's most likely to be something she had eaten. My husband and I both ate the same pot of chicken rice but we're both fine. But we are adults after all. Maybe it's something that we can handle and digest but she couldn't. Now that she's having diarrhea, the infection has probably come to it's last stage, passing all out through the rectum.

He then prescribed her with probiotics and also mucolator to break down the phlegm since she's still coughing a little.

On Sunday... well, guess what? MY TURN to have food poisoning fml.

The husband bought fruit rojak for me the night before. I have no problem eating a little bit of shrimp but eating them in big quantity will cause me discomfort. And guess what's in the fruit rojak?

Yupe. Shrimp..... paste.

It didn't cross my mind at all and I was savouring every drop of it. Especially with peanut.

So I started to shiver in the middle of the night and feeling extra chilled.

The next morning, I felt terrible. I couldn't stand up straight, I couldn't walk. All I wanted to do was sleep. But I can't cause I have a child to attend to. Yet I was too weak to even cook for her. She had some puree which I prepared in advanced a week ago for breakfast and 2 pieces of toast for lunch. Around 5pm, I couldn't take it anymore and rang the husband to come home. He came home and looked after her while I went unconscious. He came to check on me later and found that I was having fever. My temperature was 38.7°C.

By 7pm though, I was feeling better already. So I got up and cooked dinner. The husband took my temperature again and it was 37.6°C.

In summary, here's what went down.

  • Wednesday night - Bathroom accident
  • Thursday night to Friday - Charlotte had food poisoning
  • Saturday - Shituation
  • Sunday - My turn to have food poisoning

All is well now but really, I couldn't stress this enough.

Do Not Take Your Health For Granted!

And as a mother, I could really understand the phase 得閒死唔得閒病. When you're unwell and can't function properly to look after your child, the mother guilt kicks in big time. Thankfully I had the help from my supportive husband. Thanks, baby. 

I hope I won't have to go through that again anytime soon!


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