My Top 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts (2016)

2:56 PM Michelle Dolphin 1 Comments

Instagram, to me, is for 3 things - stalking, entertainment and information.

Nah, don't 假假 tell me you don't stalk people on social media ok! It's the safest distance to get to know what people are doing (or showing off) as long as you don't go and press the like button on every picture and spam their notification.

I just realized that I follow a lot of accounts.

A lot as in 873 accounts! Don't judge.

But I don't think they are all active cause I don't see a lot of post on my feeds. Among these accounts, there are 10 of them that I personally love and constantly checking them out.

Below are my top 10 favorite Instagram accounts of 2016 (in no particular order).

This dad cum cartoonist draws some of the most honest and funny comics about parenthood that I can relate to them very much. 

As it's definition goes What it really feels like to raise kids today -- from pregnancy to high school graduation and beyond. Yupe. Can relate too.

3. Homemade Baby and Toddler Food

She has some really easy homemade recipes for babies and toddlers. I got most of my puree recipes here.

Like this Zucchini, Apple & Beets Baby puree.

There are also recipes for toddlers such as this Chicken Patties. I guess it's pretty easy to make just by looking at the pictures alone.


This account is in Japanese. So are the recipes. But fred not! Cause they post everything in step-by-step video and it's very easy to follow.

5. Edith Patisserie

Of sugar, spices and everything nice. I am so so so so so so glad that they are based in Singapore. They have my favourite Thai Tea flavor for cakes! I can't even imagine what would happen (to me) if they're in Malaysia.

Look at this!

Is this lovely or is this lovely!? lol.

6. Ivenoven

A very talented baker based in Indonesia. I'll let her work speak for themselves.

So pretty!

I don't think I would eat them tho. I would like to frame them up and enjoy the details. They're just too artistic!

7. Bunnymama

If you're a bunny lover like me, you'd probably know about Bunnymama. I've been following them since Eddy and Rambo days. Though Eddy and Rambo are now binky-free, It's still such a joy to see Marble, Olive, Taffy and Bowie.

I remember crying so much when Rambo and Eddie passed on. I miss my Copperfield and Minimus, too :(

8. The Square Comics
Just some funny square comics to boost up your mood when you're feeling low.

You get what I mean.

9. 100毛

It's about almost everything under the sun about Hong Kong, but in a humorous and sarcastic way.

10. 兩個欸區
I just like his comics. That's all.

愛是...再差的睡相 在彼此眼裡也像天使


I guess from the list, you could probably tell that I love food and comics lol. I hope if you are not following these accounts and decided to do so, they'll bring you some joy, entertainment and information. 

I'll keep the stalking to myself hahahaha. Stalking ma, must still do it privately.

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